About Us

Shelly’s unique hair designers has been servicing the Ross and surrounding communities since 1986. Shelly’s was formerly known as Sandra’s Hair Designers which opened in 1983. The salon was moved to its current location at 3707 Rossgate court in March of 2005. Shelly Dearwester has been the owner since 1986. Shelly's employs six hair stylists ranging from seven to over thirty years of experience.




I have been working at Shelly's for the last 10 years as a licensed cosmetologist.

My passion is doing hair and I enjoy my customers.





I have been working at Shelly's for two years.

My passion is cutting hair, before coming to Shelly's I owned my own salon.







I have worked at Shelly's for 13 years.

I enjoy spending time with my customers and love working with the girls.

















Pam Mollett


Tara Flaherty


Misty McClure


I have been in the hair industry over 30 years. I have owned my own salon for 26 of those years. My goal in doing hair is to make people feel good about themselves. I have a great team of girls that makes it all possible at Shelly's Unique Hair Designers.





I have done hair since 1997 and have worked for Shelly's for 6 years.

I love doing hair and being with my co-workers and clients.






I have worked here at Shelly's for 13 years.

Hair is my passion and I enjoy spending time with my customers. I hope to continue many more years at Shelly's.






I have been doing hair for 25 years. I have been at Shelly's for 17 of those years.

I never get tired of doing hair, I love the girls I work with and my customers.







Shelly Dearwester


Tracey Brown


Angie Kuntz


Laurel Fisher